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Guy has been giving our son computer lessons for the past year and a half. They have done some wonderful things together - he taught our son how to take the computer apart and understand it's true workings - and then put it back together of course! Our son is always so inspired after meeting with Guy and his teachers at school are always amazed at how much he knows about the computers.

Denny Silbert, New York City,

My elderly mother has always been afraid of the computer. She struggled to click on the mouse and she just found things so confusing. I live out of town and wanted to be able to email my mom regularly. I gave her a birthday present of 5 sessions with Guy. She was really nervous to meet with him. But once she saw how patient and caring he was she calmed down alot. She now not only writes me emails daily but plays bridge as well as buys me presents online.

Ros Gottlieb, New York,