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The 21st century had arrived, and I was still limping along with a computer system from the 20th: heavy, slow, and unaesthetic. I needed state-of-the-art equipment, but had no time to research the options myself. This is where Guy came in: he analyzed my requirements, narrowed down the choices, actually did the shopping for me, and set up the my entire system for less money than it would have cost me just to buy the equipment I thought I needed. Of course, the process is not unlike building a house: even a "turn-key" job is likely to generate some surprises. And when the surprises arose, Guy was always on hand to straighten the problems out. He is detail-oriented, security-conscious, and completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. Friends to whom I have referred him are as impressed as I am.

 Matthew Gurewitsch, Independent Reporter, New York,